If you have ever longed for darker, longer, thicker, and healthier-looking eyelashes, you may be a good candidate for Latisse®. This non-invasive med spa treatment encourages the growth of your natural lashes. We are pleased to offer this FDA-approved treatment at the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons in Renton, WA and Maple Valley, WA.

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Latisse Explained

If you’re concerned about the appearance of your eyelashes, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons can help with Latisse, the first and only treatment that’s FDA-cleared to grow eyelashes that are stronger, darker, fuller, thicker, and longer. Latisse is clinically proven to deliver full results in just a few months.

As you seek a simple and non-surgical way to enhance the appearance of your eyes, Latisse is worthy of your consideration.

Sixteen Weeks to Lashes You’ll Love

Latisse is clinically proven to deliver full results in just a few months. Applied once daily to the upper eyelid, Latisse causes lashes to grow, leading to an improved, healthier look—and the lashes you’ve been looking for.

Latisse is applied at home and can be purchased from our office. We can walk you through the necessary steps toward achieving better-looking lashes, and we can work with you to help achieve a result you’ll love. Most patients find that Latisse provides the thick, full, healthy lashes they desire in as little as 16 weeks.

You’re in Good Hands with Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons

Get prescription-strength treatment for your eyelashes from the comfort of your own home. We invite you to make an appointment with Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons in Renton and Maple Valley to discuss Latisse. Call (425) 228-3187 or schedule your appointment online today.

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