Excess skin laxity, or loose skin around the inner thighs, can lead to a number of aesthetic and pragmatic concerns, including chafing and skin irritation. You may be a good candidate for a thigh lift if you deal with these issues. Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons offers thigh lift procedures in Renton, Maple Valley, and the nearby community to reshape and smooth your thighs.

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Why People Decide to Get a Thigh Lift

A thigh lift is a surgical procedure to correct the sagging of the inner to mid-thigh. This surgery reshapes the thighs by reducing excess skin and, in some cases, excess fat deposits to create smoother skin and better-proportioned contours in the thighs and the lower body. Our body contouring thigh lift can produce desirable aesthetic effects and also eliminate the discomfort of rubbing, chafing, and skin irritation that can come with excess skin.

We typically recommend this procedure to patients who are in good health overall and do not have a history of wound healing issues. Thigh lifts are performed with anesthesia, ensuring your comfort. Incisions may be either transverse or vertical, or in some cases, both, depending on the patient’s need. Our doctors will take extra care to make any scars less visible.

The best way to determine if a thigh lift is right for you is to have a consultation with our plastic surgeons. They will determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure and if additional body contouring procedures would benefit you as well.

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Our surgeons are experienced in performing thigh lift procedures for patients in Renton, WA and Maple Valley, WA. To schedule a consultation, call Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons at (425) 228-3187 or contact our surgeons online today. We look forward to discussing your treatment options with you.

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