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For patients who wish to reduce the visible signs of facial aging without the need for surgical intervention, injectable treatments can be an outstanding option. At Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons, we offer two primary types of injectables: BOTOX® and dermal fillers. These medications work in different ways, and understanding their differences can be important for deciding which med spa treatment is best suited to achieving your aesthetic goals.

Exploring the Options for Injectable Treatments

BOTOX is a neuromodulator, which means that it affects muscular movement in the injected area. By causing the target muscles to relax, BOTOX can reduce the wrinkles and fine lines that those muscle movements create.

By contrast, most dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, a natural material your body makes but diminishes as you age. Fillers fill in areas of skin that become loose and saggy because of a lack of collagen and hyaluronic acid. By replenishing your reserves of hyaluronic acid, fillers plump up the saggy skin until the lines and wrinkles caused by that sagginess are less noticeable.

Which Injectable is Right for You?

These injectables have different modalities, which means that they offer mixed levels of effectiveness for varied parts of the face. In other words, depending on your specific goals, it might make more sense to choose one over the other or combine BOTOX and dermal fillers into a more comprehensive med spa treatment plan.

The best way to determine which injectable treatment is right for you is to schedule a med spa appointment at Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons. Our doctors would be more than happy to discuss your aesthetic goals, examine your skin, and make a medically-sound recommendation. Contact us whenever you are ready to schedule a consultation and learn more about BOTOX and dermal fillers.

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