At Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons, we take pride in offering our patients a full range of options, ensuring personalized treatment plans to meet every aesthetic need. While some patients come to us seeking surgical intervention, others prefer less invasive techniques. Med spa services, including laser hair removal and injectable medications, meet that description.

While med spa solutions are available even from non-clinicians, there are advantages to having these procedures administered by trained, certified surgeons. In short, choosing a plastic surgeon for your med spa solutions can improve your results while promoting your safety.

Reasons to Choose a Plastic Surgeon for Your Med Spa Needs

While med spa treatments do not require anesthesia or surgical intervention, they do require precision and planning to ensure the most natural-looking and longest-lasting results. Our doctors have years of experience providing plastic surgery treatments, where the goal is, similarly, to ensure results that look natural and last a long time. They apply this same careful consideration behind every med spa treatment they provide, increasing the likelihood that the results of your treatment will be satisfactory and effective.

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons have been offering med spa treatments to our patients for years, and we have a skin care specialist on staff to provide and coordinate non-surgical options for our patients. Our skin care specialist works in tandem with our surgeons, creating individualized treatment plans that combine surgical intervention with med spa treatments.

Choose Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons for Your Med Spa Services

For the highest standards of care and the widest range of treatment options, choose experienced plastic surgeons for your med spa needs. To find out more about non-surgical treatments available in Renton, WA, schedule a consultation with Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons. Contact us at (425) 228-3187.

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