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Breast reconstruction surgery allows you to restore your natural, curvy silhouette following cancer treatment. As with any surgery, planning ahead can help you have a more comfortable recovery and encourage optimal outcomes. Here are a few steps you can take in advance to prepare for your breast reconstruction journey.

Preparing for Breast Reconstruction in General

Breast reconstruction planning begins as soon as you know you will undergo a lumpectomy or mastectomy. If you have started these discussions with your oncologist or general surgeon but have not yet found a reconstructive surgeon, we recommend you start looking now.

You will also wish to coordinate your reconstruction surgery timeline with your general surgeon and oncologist so that you can stay as healthy as possible between your lumpectomy or mastectomy, your radiation treatments (if any), and your breast reconstruction surgery. This may require you to follow a set diet, take prescribed medications, and pause any supplements that could interfere with the healing process.

Another factor to consider is whether your oncologist recommends radiation treatment for breast cancer. Coordinating your radiation treatments with your reconstructive surgeon will ensure that your breast reconstruction surgery happens as efficiently as possible and promotes optimal results.

Preparing for Your Specific Treatment Plan

Note that different reconstruction options may require different preparatory steps. Implant-based restoration may include tissue expanders, while DIEP flap restoration will require maintaining the excess tissue your reconstructive surgeon plans to use for that approach. Follow any customized steps to protect your expanders or maintain your body shape, which can ultimately improve your aesthetic results.

Breast reconstruction is covered by insurance, including revision and procedures on the unaffected breast to optimize symmetry and proportions.

Start Planning Your Breast Reconstruction Surgery Today

Once you know that you will have surgical treatment to remove breast cancer, it is never too early to consider your reconstructive surgery needs. At Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons, we are pleased to provide breast reconstruction options to our patients in the Renton, WA, area. To learn more about your options, check out our breast reconstruction surgery page.

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